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Interference from outside parties has driven a wedge between the physician and the patient. With increasing administrative burdens, doctors have been forced to spend less time with patients and more time on paperwork or with their noses buried in a computer screen. At the same time, independent practices were being consumed by large organizations.  This trend is bad for patients and doctors, and is worsening rapidly. This is not what we wanted for our patients, or ourselves. 


As primary care physicians, we were dedicated to finding a solution to delivering affordable health care that met the needs of our individual patients, without third parties influencing our treatment of patients as individuals.   It came to us one night…an epiphany.  This is simple.  You don’t need homeowner’s insurance to cut the lawn, clean the house, change the light bulbs or do the laundry.  Why do you need health insurance for routine primary care?  When you join a gym, you don’t pay extra to use the exercise equipment, the sauna or the showers.  Why do you need health insurance to provide basic essential services, which should be affordable for everyone?   We created an affordable membership-based primary care program that provides all of the basic essentials of routine health care for a flat monthly fee.  Thus, the inspiration behind the name: Epiphany Health.

Our simple model has several advantages: true price transparency, personalized care, affordable fees, no co-pays, no deductibles, no pre-existing condition exclusions and a relationship with your doctor that is pure — influenced only by those that are actually in the room.


Although, there are still cost barriers with expensive imaging, laboratory and medications, we found that local healthcare providers were eager to provide affordable services outside of the third party payer system and have developed a robust network of those willing to provide affordability and unprecedented price transparency.


With that, Epiphany Health was born.

Welcome to our family.


Epiphany Health’s founding physicians Lee S. Gross, MD and William L. Crouch, MD are leaders in a revolution of health care changes, bringing basics back to the physician and patient relationship.


  Our office is among the last physician owned and operated primary care practices in the region and we pride ourselves on individualized patient care. We have dedicated ourselves to serving our patients since Dr. Gross founded the practice in 2002.  Where other practices may take the fast food approach, we consider ourselves fine-dining, where every point of contact is important.



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