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Pricing & Membership Benefits

Membership rates


  • Adults

    • Under 65........... $89/month 

    • Age 65+.............$100/month 

  • Children (ages 5+)

    • First child............$30/month *

    • Each additional...$15/month*

*Child pricing up to the 26th birthday for dependent children living at the parent address. ID required for proof of residency for age > 18. 


Child pricing requires one paid adult membership. Without paid adult, first child pays adult price.

A 5% discount is provided for annual payment made in full with cash or check

Activation fee equal to one month due at signing.  One year commitment required.

Membership Benefits

Annual Wellness Exam


25 office visits per member per year


Scheduled video or telephone

telemedicine visits


Additional office visits

(beyond 1st 25)

$25 each

Annual women's wellness exam


(additional charges apply for Pap or send-out tests)

In office testing (e.g. Strep, urinalysis, hemoglobin A1c, urine pregnancy)

Included (if indicated)

Extended appointments


Same-day or next-day priority appointments


Form Completion


In-office procedures (joint injections, biopsies, sutures, abscess drainage, etc)

Included as indicated (medication and pathology charges may apply)

One annual fecal occult blood test (colon cancer screening)

Included (if indicated)

Electrocardiogram (EKG) / Holter monitor

Included (if indicated)

Annual flu vaccine


Covid rapid antigen test


Wellness bloodwork (complete blood count, Lipid panel, glucose, kidneys, liver, electrolytes, TSH, hemoglobin A1c)


Pap test


(additional charges will apply for STD testing or abnormal Paps, typically $50-$150)

Screening mammogram


Services anchor

Wellness Care*

Your Epiphany Health physician offers an annual lifestyle and wellness care evaluation.
Your visit may include extended consultations and personalized coaching to create positive lifestyle changes such as weight loss, smoking cessation and stress management.


Annual fecal occult blood screening for colon cancer is available.


Annual wellness labs available for discounted purchase (presently $45) through our lab partner, includes complete blood count, blood sugar, liver function, kidney function, electrolyte panel, TSH, diabetes screen (hemoglobin A1c), Prostate cancer screen (for men) and cholesterol profile. *(screenings will be age / gender appropriate and based upon current guidelines. Screening tests must be performed by an Epiphany Health provider.)


For women, this examination may include age-appropriate screening pelvic and breast examination, Pap smear ($35) and mammogram ($175) are available at additional cost or can be billed to insurance.  For men it will include prostate examination. Additional modest charges apply for cultures or other send-out tests.


Chronic Disease Management*
High blood pressure, diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, asthma, arthritis, osteoporosis and many other chronic conditions can be managed effectively by your PCP.

Since the majority of your follow-up visits are included in your membership, and because we are able to get steeply discounted labs, chronic disease management becomes very affordable. Should you require a specialist’s care, we will refer you to a qualified physician who can manage your medical condition. 


Acute Care*
We provide same or next-day care for urgent medical issues including sprains, strains, cuts requiring stitches, acute illnesses and more.

Any service that is provided in our office is done at no additional cost, including splinting, sutures, nebulizers, abscess drainage, skin biopsies, joint injections, EKGs, spirometry, and appropriate in-house testing, such as urinalysis, strep throat testing, influenza testing.

*(additional pathology charge may apply for cultures or biopsies sent out. Member will be notified of any additional fees in advance. There are additional charges for cosmetic and non-medically necessary procedures.)


• Available vaccines include influenza ($36), Tetanus ($45) and Hepatitis B.  Vaccinations are provided at our cost, with only a small processing fee.


Laboratory Tests*
To ensure high quality and accuracy, tests are processed off-site at our national laboratory partner. You can pay for these labs through your insurance company, or you can receive a discount of up to 90% if you go through your Epiphany Health plan.


Specialist Care Coordination*
Should you need to see a specialist, your physician will coordinate your referral, correspond with your specialist about your treatment and will work with you to manage your after-care. If you have insurance, we will strive to provide referrals to providers covered by your insurance policy. If you are paying out-of-pocket for your medical care, your physician can refer you to providers who offer Epiphany Health members discounted pricing.


Imaging / X-rays*
In the event that imaging services are needed, Epiphany Health has partnered with local private imaging centers for drastic discounts when paid for at the time of service. Should you choose to use your insurance, your tests will be billed directly by our imaging partner to your plan. Please be advised that if you choose to apply your imaging to your insurance, you may be charged more than the Epiphany Health price. MRIs as low as $250. CT scans as low as $200. X-rays as low as $25.


Prescription Drugs & Medications*
Your monthly care fee does not include the cost of prescriptions. We have an onsite prescription dispensary, which includes frequently prescribed generic antibiotics and acute care treatments. This allows us to pass along the savings directly to the patient. We almost always beat even the discounted pharmacy prescription prices! 


For medicines that we do not stock in house, our physicians will work with you to find the most affordable medications and will help you get the best prices on your prescriptions.  Our physicians are often able to find generic medications for less money than a typical commercial insurance copay. 


Physical Therapy & Rehab*
Your monthly fee does not cover the cost of physical therapy. However, Epiphany Health members are entitled to affordable therapy services at our independent therapy partners. Members can expect to receive therapy services for $55 per session, about the cost of a typical co-pay with traditional insurance.

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